Priory Sports offer a selection of tennis

Croquet is a traditional sport thought to date from the 1600s, and it has come back into fashion in recent years.

Longboards and skateboards are also very green forms of transport.

Priory Sports offer a selection of tennis rackets for both junior and adult Non metallic conduits Factory players of all levels. It’s a sociable sport and you can play doubles with a partner or friend, or singles games at your local tennis club.

Priory Sports offer a range of skateboards and longboards, including the Fireball Skateboard for just £30 and the Hunter Longboard, available in orange and in blue, for £72. You might just find that you enjoy it!

Here is a guide to three very different summer sporting activities you can try.

Whatever your choice of summer sporting activity, visit Priory Sports and check out their huge range of sporting equipment. It includes:

* 3 Eton Square mallets with octagonal handle
* 3 Ascot mallets with octagonal Black grip handle
* 6 Challenge balls in canvas carry case
* 6 Colour Winning peg
* 6 Hampton hoops in canvas carry bag
* Metal clips and Ball Markers both in canvas carry pouches
* Championship Flags
* Yard Line Pegs
* Hoop Smasher
* Simplified Rules
* Copy of ‘The Complete Guide to Croquet’ Book by Anton Gill
* Black reinforced Croquet Box

The annual Wimbledon fixture always gets the armchair tennis enthusiast out to their local court. It’s great for the whole family to play because you don’t need a huge amount of flexibility – everyone from your five-year-old son to your gran can have fun playing croquet. Even if you’re new to sport, there has never been a better time to get outside and start playing, with the huge buzz surrounding the 2012 Olympics.

Skateboards and longboards are not just for the kids! Riding a longboard or skateboard is great exercise, not just for building up strength and muscles in the legs, but also for burning calories. If you’re a sports fan, that’s great because the time is nigh when you can get your summer sports gear on and start enjoying the great outdoors.

There are several different forms of croquet played, and it’s a gentle sport that nevertheless provides good exercise.

Again, tennis is good for players young and old. The Babolat Aero Storm is a good all-round tennis racket for general players.

Priory Sports offer a large range of croquet sets, including the Jaques Ascot Croquet Set, which is priced at £799. It involves hitting a hard ball with a mallet through a series of hoops, and is traditionally played on a lawn. Tennis is a great sport – it improves hand-eye co-ordination and gives you a great all-over workout. Despite the somewhat changeable weather at the start of this year, there’s no denying that summer is on the way. It’s £159 – a sound investment if you’re thinking of taking up the sport, as a good racket will help you enjoy your game.

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